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Seth Kennedy

A highly result driven Chief Operations Officer with a diverse wealth of experience in Business Development. Presenting a 1st class track record in sales & driving businesses forward for over 8 years. He has a depth of experience in ecommerce. He was director of ecommerce at Levis for 3 years and went on to lead omnichannel at Bata, where he launched its Sales Customer app, which provided store staff with online information to answer customer queries. Seth found Render Watch in 2013 with knowledgeable industry insights and network both from online and offline network.

Watchesfor you

The history of RenderWatch goes back to the year 2013, the first dealers got started selling on the platform. Five years later the site already counted 10,000 watches from 12 countries. The total value of all watches transacted counts over hundred million dollars. Luxury watches are recognized as valuable assets and therefore the demand for them surges. This is the basis for the success of RenderWatch.

RenderWatch is one of the fastest growing online marketplace for high quality luxury watches with more than 10,000 offers from over 20 countries. Almost 100 permanent and professional dealers as well as several individual private-sellers offer luxury watches of all brands – Omega, IWC, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Longines, Lange & Söhne, Glashütte Original, Zenith and many more. Safety is an issue of great importance: Before the dealers are allowed to trade on the online marketplace, they are strictly checked.

In September 2018, RenderWatch had signed an agreement to partner with UAP, Universal Auction Program to utilise the use of blockchain technology to give their user another alternative way to auction and bid for their favourite watches.

Vintage Collection

The precious vintage collection for every watch lovers